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Here's How To Fix And Unblock Your Drain In The Most Effortless & Fastest Way Possible...


By phoning Melbourne Blocked Drain Group now, you’ll be connected with one of Melbourne’s most experienced drain experts (not a general plumber with little knowledge in drains!).

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AND if we don’t show up when we said we would because we ran late, we’ll give you $200 cash right now for your inconvenience!


Steer clear of plumbing cowboys who skip the inspection to save time, so they can dupe you into believing their bogus quotes. If you accept, they’ll damage your pipes and create an even bigger mess than there was before and, at the very least, waste hours of your time saying they can fix it when they really have no idea how!

We’ll give you the correct diagnosis of your suspected drain problems up front and provide you with the greatest solution to have your drains repaired right the first time, with your best interests in mind!


Don’t stress about being “out of pocket” if you spend hundreds of dollars on an ineffective solution.

We don’t take our title as Melbourne’s #1 blocked drains expert lightly, which is why we guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with our drain clearing service, you won’t have to pay; if we can’t clear the drain, you won’t be charged; and if we can’t permanently solve your problem… well, it’s free!




Mick was fantastic. Professional, reliable, completed works that were required expediently, and explained things thoroughly. Mick made sure I was comfortable with the entire process. Mick’s professional demeanour and attitude made it easy to feel reassured that the work undertaken would be to the strandard stated.

Mick was so very lovely to me on the phone and kind. I am a senior pensioner and he explained so much for me and I am so grateful for all he did for me. What a joy it is when you do business with fair, caring, people like Mick!!

The service from 24×7 express plumbing is commendable! I called up today for dishwasher installation and within 30 mns the guy arrived and did a fantastic job, had to make some changes to pipe structure, etc, reasonably priced. I would highly recommend them for a great customer service and on time work. Have already spoken to them for more work ahead.

I called 3 plumbers, not one showed up. Miky from 24/7 Express Plumbing attended within 30min of my call and repaired the leak in no time. Fantastic service, highly recommend to anyone that’s looking for a plumber.




Save yourself the headache and call your local drain specialist now.

Blocked drains are both a nuisance and unappealing.

If you’ve ever had one, then you understand how irritating they can be.

However, if you haven’t experienced one yet, chances are that you know somebody who has.

Toilets overflowed with sewage water or making strange gurgling noises are just some of the signs that there might be an issue with your drain(s)

The most common causes for these problems include tree roots growing into the pipes, excessive build-up of grease or fat deposits, paper products, food scraps discarded down the sink, and even kitty litter being flushed down toilets.



The MBD '6-Point Guarantee ' (Extended!)

We’ve got the ‘biggest, boldest and sexiest’ blocked drains guarantee in Melbourne just so you can rest assured appreciating that we’ll solve your drainage problem to the highest of standards!


'The MBD Industry Killer' Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our drain clearing service, you don’t have to pay; if we can’t clear the drain, you don’t have to pay; and if we can’t permanently solve your problem… it’s FREE! AND, if we arrive late, we’ll give you $200 in cash then and there! It’s a win, win situation!


'The Goodbye' Guarantee

We always do the job right the first time, meeting (and often exceeding) all Australian standards. In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities that if you follow our recommendations and your drain problem persists, we’ll come back and fix it again for free! The only way you’ll see us after that is if you invite us over to celebrate how much you loved our work!


'Customer Wins ' Guarantee

We get the job done the right way, with your best interests in mind. We don’t want to deceive or harm your property. That’s why we guarantee to provide you with the RIGHT solution for your drain issues, as well as any unanticipated ‘ulterior’ motives! There are no ifs, and, or butts about it!


'No Dig' Guarantee

A property owner isn’t thrilled to have a hole dug and a mess made (all to get to the plumbing!). That’s why, when it comes to drainage problems, we guarantee that we will try our best to provide you with a clean, ‘no dig’ option. In reality, we offer a ‘no-dig’ option 95% of the time!


'Risk Vs Reward' Guarantee

From time to time, ‘cowboy’ plumbers show up on the job and attempt to give solutions immediately before conducting any crucial upfront research. We promise always to carry out our MBD Proprietary Inspection to provide you with the best possible option and that extra peace of mind and confidence.


'Only The Best' Guarantee

You can be confident that we only use the best quality products and materials! If you want a permanent solution, then only choose products made to Australian standards. This will give you peace of mind knowing your drain is fixed to last!


we're the experts locals trust!

You deserve a drain expert who works swiftly and leaves the job tidy. That’s why we prioritise completing the task right away without causing any inconvenience, and we guarantee to clean up after ourselves.

We promise to be quick and efficient so you won’t have to endure any disruptions or lengthy delays. Plus, your family members can go about their daily routine without having to worry about piles of dust or muddy footprints.