About Us


Quality has a MBD Pulse

For the past 15 years, I have worked as a plumber in Melbourne. I’ve done maintenance work, repairs and large construction projects by property developers. Over these years, I have seen the good, bad and the ugly of what our ‘best’ plumbers have to offer.

There are so many brilliant plumbers here in Melbourne… Unfortunately, our reputation has been stained. Many “plumbers” have gained a bad reputation for ripping people off, making greedy suggestions to deceive their clients out of more money, and providing low-quality work that doesn’t stand the test of time let alone longer than a month… Personally, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Hence, the birth of Melbourne Blocked Drain Group!
This is our way of (1) restoring pride & integrity to the local plumbing business, and (2) securing access for our local community to dependable drain experts they can trust to address all of their drainage issues in their own best interests – all with confidence!

24H Rapid

Hungry to exceed your expectations

Mick was fantastic. Professional, reliable, completed works that were required expediently, and explained things thoroughly. Mick made sure I was comfortable with the entire process. Mick’s professional demeanour and attitude made it easy to feel reassured that the work undertaken would be to the strandard stated.


Word Of Mouth Award winners 5-years running